The best reinforcement for your concrete

Synthetic Macro Fiber for Concrete

Concrete needs better reinforcement than the traditional. This is why Synthetic Macro Fibers are the fastest growing reinforcement technology in the concrete industry. 

Synthetic Macro Fiber Reinforced Concrete is a more cost and time efficient product than Steel Reinforced Concrete. We believe that you can use our product to save time and money in your projects. 

This is why we brought together more than 30 years of experience in polymers to create the FIRST Synthetic Macro Fiber made in Peru. With QUALITY STANDARDS known to surpass our client's requirements we are keen to deliver the BEST customer service.


  • Tunneling


  • Civil


  • Precast


  • Paving


  • Mining


  • Flooring



What are macro synthetic fibers?

Why use synthetic macro fibers?

  • 1

    1 It is a better option than steel reinforcement

    1. The structure is more resistant to fire and earthquakes.

    2. Synthetic fiber NEVER corrodes, more resistant structures for longer

    3. Significant cost savings per m 3 of concrete.

  • 2

    2 Our product is 100% Peruvian

    Take advantage of all the advantages of working with a local provider:

    1. Shorter delivery time.
    2. Security stock in our warehouse.
    3. Customer service .

  • 3

    3 Immediate delivery

    We handle reduced delivery times thanks to our preferred stock, allowing our clients to manage a Just in Time philosophy . 

  • 4

    4 For all types of application

    We have synthetic macro fibers for each use:

    1. Shotcrete / Concrete released

    2. Concrete floors and pavements

    3. Port infrastructure, hydroelectric

    4. Prefabricated concrete products

  • 5

    5 Application easy and simple

    Water-soluble packaging with the adequate dose of fiber xm 3  that your project requires. 

  • Atributes

    · Excellent grip with concrete and remarkably increases tenacity. 

    · Strengthens concrete in 3 dimensions.

  • Benefits

    · Free of corrosion.

    · Safer and lighter to handle than steel. 

    · Increase efficiency and productivity vs. steel.

  • + Benefits

    · Less environmental impact than steel. 

    · Less wear of concrete pumping hoses. 

    · Lower cost per Joule - Fiber


La Paz Highway

El Alto Highway in Bolivia with the Levon Group of Portugal. Fiber is used as the only structural reinforcement for concrete.


Hydroelectric power aqueduct

An aqueduct for Hydroelectric power in the northern Andes of Peru. 


Mineral transport tunnel

A mineral transport tunnel in a copper mine in the south of Peru. 


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